About Us


1001 Noches is a community that inhabits an ephemeral space where culture and commerce converge.


Every day of its existence it will tell a new story starting with the people that form part of it and that wish to coexist, converge and collaborate through the innovative projects that will expand understandings and creative experiences.


Alternative proposals and projects that through movement, light, stories, vibrations and senses will give life to this building, are welcomed. 1001 Noches wants to leave as its legacy a collection of creative and artistic experiences that support the artistic community of the place where it was formed, Guatemala.


1001 Noches seeks to explore the diverse possibilities of each of these practises and expand the imagination of an immersive experience in this space through creative interpretation.



We are in constant movement. In essence. We find it in all the arts and in our day to day life. We move towards different places, ideas and creations.



A partir de la luz percibimos la vida por nuestros ojos. Se encuentra en las texturas, colores, imágenes, en todo. Ilumina las emociones, muestra su camino.  

With  light we perceive life through our eyes. It is found in textures, coloures, images, in everything. It illuminates our emotions and shows its path.



We feel and allow the universe to surround us.  Infinite sounds, melodies accompany our every day. That which vibrates also lives.



Utilizamos múltiples lenguajes para contar la vida. Cada día creamos nuevas historias, conviven con nosotros, y nos construyen.

We utilize multiple languages to tell the tale of life. Every day we create new stories, they live with us and they construct us.  



Our tongue not only allows us to communicate, but also allows us to feel. We possess more than 10 thousand taste buds and each experience stays recorded in our memory.



Knowledge is essential for our development. It must be free, for everyone. Sharing experiences and experiencing new ones must be our obligation.